When Is It Time To Update Your Website?

Most business owners are focused on the day-to-day tasks of running their business, leaving the thought of optimizing updating or securing their website in the back burner or on their long to-do list.

There are several reasons why a business owner would want to update their website. Some common reasons are to drive more sales, improve their websites appearance and conversion rate, improve their website security, or to just give it a new modern look

Common reasons to update your website

1) Mobile Ready & Responsive

Many websites today still are not mobile-ready or responsive, so when a user visits your website from their phone or tablet it’s not an enjoyable experience. A non-responsive website often results in lost visitors and sales. In this digital age, it is essential for your website to be responsive and mobile-ready.

2) Making your site SEO & PPC Ready

Many business owners are gaining an interest in doing search engine optimization or pay-per-click marketing for their company. The foundation of these marketing campaigns is your website, your website needs to be properly optimized, responsive, mobile-ready and have all necessary information to drive new sales. you need to have a fully optimized website to run a successful PPC or SEO campaign, having updated information and analytical tracking is an essential part of running successful marketing campaigns.

3) Updating your information

 It is also extremely important to keep all business information updated on your website, everything from the services you offer to your phone number. Your website is a source of information for not only existing customers but also for new customers.

4) Website Security

Ensuring that your website is secure is an essential part of this digital age. Security features like an SSL certificate and database encryption are essential in order to maintain your customer’s information and security.website design

5) A New Website Design

 Redesigning your website if it feels old and stale can often lead to more sales and a higher conversion rate from website visitors.

Business owners are more focused on running their business than maintaining their website, that’s why it is important to have a strong reliable and reputable website management and marketing company in your corner. If it’s time to update your website, give WebByte Media call today.

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