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Your website is the backbone of your business, it is a source of revenue for you and a source of information for new and current clients/customers. A properly designed and optimized website is essential to your online success. Our goal is to provide the users with an enjoyable, high-quality, memorable experience from the moment they visit your website until the moment they leave. We do this through an aesthetically pleasing design and navigational structure. The message of your brand, as well as your offerings, will be conveyed both aesthetically and contextually.

WebByte Media designs all websites with a data-proven layout, meaning more website visitors are likely to contact your business, make a purchase or seek your services. We deeply research your industry and business, developing an understanding of what your website visitors will be looking for, and making that information easily discoverable. A well-designed website can be the difference between making or losing a sale.

In addition to a properly designed and optimized website, WebByte Media includes basic on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) with every website we design, giving you a jump start in your online marketing efforts.

WebByte Media designs & builds every website on the foundation of three principles. A high-quality, enjoyable user experience. Maximizing your conversion rate. Accurately portraying your brand, message, and offerings.

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What makes WebByte Media different?

WebByte Media takes the time to understand your business and your industry. We believe in order to effectively design and market your business we need to understand your business, your industry and get into the mind set of potential customers and clients. Most of the industry will provide you with a generic cookie-cutter website, we will not. WebByte Media prides ourselves on the reputation we have built of high-performance websites and marketing campaigns at affordable prices, we are dedicated to providing our clients with products that exceed their expectations. We want you as a client for life; the quality of our products and services reflect this.

In addition to taking the time out to understand your business, we also take the time out to understand the needs of your customers and clients. We implement key features into your website that make you stand out from the rest, impressing your visitors and increasing your conversions.

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The Website Design Process

The first step in the website design process is the interview, in this stage, we will gather information about your business. We will develop an understanding of what you want out of your website, as well as any design inputs you may have. At this stage, we will also gather images, videos, logos and any other relevant content you would like included in your website.

Once the interview phase is completed, the web development team will then go out and research your industry and competition, this helps deepen our understanding of your needs as well as starts the brainstorming process of what we can implement into your website to make you stand out from your design

Upon completion of the interview and research phase, our team will reach out to you with an overview of our design ideas and overall site functionality. Once we have received your go ahead the website design process will begin.

Your website will be designed in 3 phases, the first phase is the overall site structure. This phase will showcase page layouts and the website feel, all text and images will be placeholders at this phase. Once you have approved the website structure our team will then implement color schemes and images into your website, bringing it to life. Then, the final step is adding the text to your website.

Our 3-step design process ensures that you are updated every step of the way and that your website is just what you are looking for. The 3-step process also reduces the overall website design and drafting process, cutting an average website delivery time down to under 2 weeks.

Website Hosting, Maintenance & On-Going Updates

Once your website is completed you can choose to host your website yourself, or hosting your website on WebByte Medias GCP cloud infrastructure.

When you choose WebByte Media to host your website, you can rest assure that your website will always be up-to-date and snappy. All of our client’s websites are hosted on our GCP cloud infrastructure, which includes network load balancing, a fail-over server, SSL certificate, real-time security monitoring, DDos protection and more.

Hosting your website with WebByte Media also includes free website maintenance, additionally, you also choose a package to include website updates and revisions. Our goal is to make the hosting and maintenance of your website stress and worry-free.

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