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Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, if done correctly puts your business in front of customers who are actively seeking your products or services. It is an extremely effective marketing medium, often yielding high conversions and a high return on investment.Digital Marketing

PPC marketing is applicable to all types of business, allowing companies to highly-target their marketing campaigns to specific geographic regions, demographics, and keywords. A Pay Per Click marketing campaign is an extremely powerful tool to have in your marketing arsenal if done correctly.

An incorrectly optimized pay per click marketing campaign can result in the loss of thousands of dollars with no return. This is why it is critical to hire a firm who doesn’t only know how to create, optimize and maintain a PPC marketing campaign, but a firm who also understands your business, industry and potential customer.

WebByte Media spends each and every marketing dollar as if it were our own. We run highly-optimized campaigns, designed to maximize conversions and minimize ad spend. Stop wasting money on poorly optimized AdWords campaigns, start getting conversion rates above industry averages today.

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Why do I need a PPC Management Company?

Many business owners in an attempt to save money will try running a Pay Per Click marketing campaign themselves, most of the time these businesses discount the complexities of running a pay per click campaign and spend thousands of dollars with little to no return.


WebByte Media takes a data-driven approach to our Pay Per Click marketing campaigns, our machine learning neural networks constantly analyze and optimize all aspects of your marketing PPC campaigns. Our PPC experts regularly re-

evaluate your campaigns, cutting the fat, generating new ideas and improving campaigns which are already performing well.

Before launching any PPC campaign, WebByte Media will research and fully understand your business, industry and potential customers/clients. We believe that we can not effectively market your business without understanding it. This is, in addition to our unique optimization methods what sets us apart from the rest.

WebByte Media will provide you with in-depth reports and analysis of your marketing campaigns, breaking down every dollar spend and provide recommendations for new campaigns. We are obsessed with data-driven marketing, optimization and running the most effective pay per click marketing campaign possible.

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The PPC Management Process

The first step in the Pay Per Click management process is understanding what services or products you would like to advertise, any geographic constraints and any demographic information you may have. We will understand your brand, and what your marketing goals are.


Taking a ground-up approach, WebByte Media will first develop an understanding of your business, industry, and customer. Using this information, we optimize your existing website (or create a new one) optimized for Pay Per Click Marketing, ensuring that every click lands on the right page in order to maximize conversions.

Once your website is completely optimized we will create the PPC marketing campaigns, each campaign will target a specific service or product, and within those campaigns, the targeting will be as specific as possible. For example a separate campaign will be made for “women’s shoes” and “men’s shoes”. Each campaign will have its own set of parameters and advertisements to be as specific as possible for what someone is looking for.

Once the base campaigns have been created WebByte Media will work with you to create all the text and graphical advertisements, ensuring that the ads are consistent with your brand and grab the attention of a potential customer.

Once all campaigns have been approved, our machine learning neural networks will get to work analyzing your campaigns, adjusting parameters such as cost per click, bid adjustments, geographic and demographic settings, etc…

The objective of our machine learning algorithms is to analyze all data and make adjustments to maximize every dollar spend, ensuring that we are targeting the right people, at the right time of day and are not overpaying per click.

WebByte Media has proudly generated millions upon millions in revenue for our clients, we are confident in our abilities and let our results speak for themselves. This is why WebByte Media does not lock you into a long-term contract.

All of our agreements are a simple 30-day cancellation notice, we challenge you to try to find another firm who matches these terms and generates comparable results. Our PPC team is on standby, waiting to hear from you and help you grow your business. Call WebByte Media today.

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