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There are some things that only Long Islanders know, where to get the best bagels, how to get to the beach and what rush hour traffic on the Long Island Expressway feels like.

There are also some things that only experienced website designers know, like how to structure a website in order to maximize conversions, ensure fast load times and enjoyable user an experience. WebByte Media is a Long Island based digital marketing and website design company specialized in data-driven design and marketing. All of the websites we design utilize data-proven layouts, specifically designed to maximize conversions and drive new sales.

It doesn’t matter if your business serves only Long Island or international customers, your website needs to have a purpose-built design, accurately portray your brand, products, and services. That is what we do each and every day, we built highly-optimized, responsive and mobile-ready websites.

Not only has WebByte Media mastered the website design and optimization craft, but we take it a step further. We have a simple philosophy when it comes to designing a website or running marketing campaigns. In order to give our clients the best possible results, we need to understand our client’s business, industry, and customer.

WebByte Media will do a comprehensive analysis of your business, industry, and customer. We will develop an understanding of what key features are important to have on your website, and the most efficient way to relay that information to the end-user. This is what makes WebByte Media different, we put in the work that others simply won’t.

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The WebByte Website Design Difference

Over the years, we have built the reputation of providing our customers with website and marketing campaigns that far exceed the industry standard. We are known for providing honest, reliable, responsive and affordable website design services to Long Island businesses.

We utilize the most up-to-date technologies to develop our client’s websites that are user friendly and include in-depth analytical software with each and every website we design. The analytical software allows us to analyze user behavior and further optimize your website. Although we specialize, utilize and have build many cutting-edge technologies there is one timeless principle found at the heart of our business and website design services. Providing customers with an outstanding product and customer service, this is what you can expect from us during the website design process.

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Long Island Web Design Services

We break the website design process down into 3 simple steps, regardless if you are a Long Island based or California based business. The first phase of our website design process is getting to know your business, your industry, and customer, this is the interview phase. During the interview phase we gather all important information about your business, any design elements you would like incorporated into your website as well as graphics and other relevant content for your website.

The second phase of the website design process is to provide you with a design draft, the design draft will be the overall look and feel of your website with temporary place holder images and text. We work with you until you are completely satisfied with the overall website design and feel.

Once we have finalized an overall site design we will then start the final step, which is the creation of your web pages, content and graphics for the website. You have the option of providing content or having us generate highly-targeted content in house. In this phase we button up your final website, working with you until it is a polished gem.

If you are interested in impressing your customers and driving more sales with a data-driven website that is search engine optimization ready, call us.

If you would like to learn more about our website design process you can contact us for a free consultation or visit our website design page.

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